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The Zinn Law Firm represents individuals throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California who have suffered serious injuries and need help obtaining fair compensation to pay their bills and care for their families. Our attorneys stand by you in your time of need. We fight the motorists, product manufacturers, physicians, hospitals, or employers whose carelessness caused your serious injuries. And we have the experience and tenacity to take on the most aggressive insurance companies and the attorneys who represent them. We do everything in our power to recover the cost of your medical bills and your missed time at work, and to compensate you for the pain and suffering that a devastating injury can bring.

Personal Injury

It is critical for people who have suffered serious injuries to pursue compensation to help offset the significant financial and emotional harm caused by their injuries. Examples of serious injuries include traumatic brain injuries, hemorrhages, spinal injuries, fractures, paralysis, nerve injuries, and amputations. Generally, a person who suffers serious injuries will seek compensation via an insurance claim or, if necessary, a civil lawsuit. After liability is proven, he or she may be awarded economic damages, such as the cost of medical treatment, including out-of-pocket costs, and lost wages. He or she may also be able to recover compensation for the suffering and pain attributable to the injuries.

Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists are a common sight throughout the San Francisco area, engaging in a cost-effective and environmentally conscious means of transportation. Unfortunately, however, bicyclists often go unnoticed by people operating motor vehicles, who may change lanes, make a turn, or open a door in the path of a cyclist, causing an accident. Bicycle accidents can also be caused by defective roadways or an issue with the bike itself. Regardless of the cause, a bicyclist may be able to recover damages if he or she can show that another party is liable for the accident. Anyone injured in a bicycle accident should act promptly, since California law limits the time to file a claim.

Car Accidents

Car accidents most often result from careless actions by drivers. Thus, in most cases arising out of car accidents, the plaintiff and their San Francisco personal injury attorney will allege that the defendant was negligent. In California, to prove liability based on a theory of negligence, a plaintiff must establish that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty to exercise due care, that there was a breach of that duty, and that the accident was caused by the breach. In other words, the plaintiff must show that the accident would not have occurred if the defendant had not breached the duty. The plaintiff also needs to prove with evidence the damages caused by the accident.

Pedestrian Accidents

When a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle, it often causes devastating injuries. Motorists who strike pedestrians should be held accountable with the assistance of a personal injury attorney in San Francisco for any harm that they cause. In many instances, the person who struck the pedestrian may attempt to avoid liability by arguing that the pedestrian somehow caused the accident by crossing the road improperly. Under California law, however, pedestrians have the right of way when they are in a crosswalk, regardless of whether the crosswalk is marked or unmarked. Furthermore, even if the pedestrian was partially at fault for causing an accident, he or she can still recover damages. His or her damages will merely be reduced in proportion to his or her fault.

Premises Liability

Many people sustain injuries due to harmful conditions on property owned by another person or entity. For example, a person may slip and fall due to debris, food, or liquid on the ground, or due to a defective sidewalk or roadway. People may also suffer injuries due to falling objects that are not properly secured. When a person is injured on someone else’s property, the owner of the property may be held liable in a premises liability claim if the injury was caused by the property owner’s failure to exercise reasonable care in the maintenance of the property. Since a dangerous condition is often transient, the victim and their San Francisco personal injury lawyer must act swiftly to preserve evidence.

Medical Malpractice

Medical professionals are expected to provide competent and thorough care, but sometimes they deviate from their duties, and their patients suffer harm as a result. If you were injured by inadequate medical care, you may be able to recover damages in a medical malpractice lawsuit. Generally, to prove that your care provider should be held liable, you must show that he or she had a duty to provide treatment that complied with the applicable standard of care, but that he or she departed from the standard, and the departure resulted in your harm. The applicable standard of care is the care that a professional in the same field, with the same training and skills, would have provided under similar circumstances.

Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse

Older and disabled individuals are among the most vulnerable members of society, and sadly, they are often abused by the people responsible for caring for them. California has enacted the California Elder Abuse and Dependent Adult Civil Protection Act to protect elderly people and dependent adults from abuse. Specifically, the Act requires that elderly and dependent individuals must be provided with basic care and medical treatment as needed, or it may constitute neglect. For example, residents in a nursing home must be provided with adequate food and hydration and must be groomed regularly. If a party violates the terms of the Act, a personal injury lawyer in San Francisco can help the victim or their loved one pursue damages.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is one of the most heinous acts that can be perpetrated against a person. Regardless of whether the sexual assault perpetrator is found guilty in criminal court, the victim may still be able to recover damages in a civil action. The burden of proof in civil cases is the preponderance of the evidence, which means that the injured person must show that it is more likely than not that the defendant is liable. This is lower than the standard imposed in criminal cases.

Wrongful Death

Unfortunately, some accidents cause harm so significant that the injured person ultimately dies from their injuries. If you suffered the loss of a loved one due to someone else’s lack of care, you may be able to recover damages in a wrongful death lawsuit. In California, statutory law defines who may pursue a wrongful death claim and which damages are recoverable. Generally, however, a wrongful death claim is meant to compensate a person’s heirs for the losses caused by the person’s death, including pecuniary losses and the loss of companionship. If you are interested in pursuing a wrongful death claim, it is important to act promptly.

Consult an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in San Francisco

If you have suffered serious injuries, you should consult an attorney regarding your options for seeking compensation. The experienced attorneys at the Zinn Law Firm are proficient at handling insurance claims and lawsuits arising out of serious injuries, and we will zealously pursue the full amount of damages that you may be owed. We represent victims throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and California. You can reach us through our contact form online or call us at 415-292-4100 to schedule a complimentary and confidential consultation.

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Their dedication, expertise, and genuine concern for my well being was so appreciated during a very challenging time. Katherine S. Mill Valley, CA
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Carter Zinn is an astute professional. He knows his business well and is realistic about his and his clients' expectations. His guidance, kindness, and methodical approach were greatly appreciated by my husband and me. It was a privilege to work with Carter and we both agree that his knowledge, professionalism, and willingness to work hard all made a big difference in the outcome of this case. Additionally, the support staff at the Zinn Law Firm is a pleasure to work with. Everyone we interacted with is efficient, very pleasant, and extremely understanding. A O.
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